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the depiction of young boys, either with other young boys or older men, or depicting young boys with older women (known as "straight shota" in western jargon).
 Hakihome-Hentai Manga-You Can Do It If You Try
 Hakihome-Hentai Manga-Please Help Yourself, Master!
5 Years Ago
Translator:4dawgz, Fuke, Mumei
Warning: Reading this series might induce uncontrollable rage, particularly at the lucky little...Read More
 Hakihome-Hentai Manga-Urahara
5 Years Ago
Translator:YQII, Anti Aging Anon
At a class reunion, two old friends reconnect....Read More
 Hakihome-Hentai Manga-R6
6 Years Ago
Translator:XCX Scans
Rider needs more love. Simple thing with Rider and Shirou. Leave comments, and thanks for reading....Read More