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The Ahegao (アヘ顔, which has often been interpreted as “weird face”, ahe coming from the Japanese onomatopoeia of “アヘアヘ(aheahe)” describing female’s flushed breath/moaning in sex and her sexual excitement, gao meaning “face”) is an exploitable phenomenon taking place in pictures of close-up faces from a token character modified in order to have a kind of lust-filled, overly exaggerated orgasmic expression, the eyes usually rolled up with teardrops/sweat at times, the mouth wide open with the tongue sticking out and blushing cheeks.
 Hakihome-Hentai Manga-Magical Customize
 Hakihome-Hentai Manga-MEA To LOVE-Ru Darkness
6 Years Ago
Take chapter 20 of To Love-Ru Darkness, add sex. You might get something similar to this...Read More