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 TitleArtistNew Chap
 I Am Everyone's LandlordTachibana Omina,Chapter 4
 I Am Falling in Love With Your EyesTakashiro Go-yaChapter 4
 I am not, not, not a girl!Akai MatoRead
 I Became A Whore On Our Company OutingChoco Pahe,Read
 I became an Expert !Alpha to Yukaina NakamatachiRead
 I Became Kirara-chan's ManagerHijiri Tsukasa, Shin Hijiridou HonpoRead
 I Can Love Her Even When She's SleepingShimamoto Harumi, Banana SaruenRead
 I Can No Longer Go Back To The Admiral's Side 3Hiten,Hitenkei,Read
 I Can't Be Without Onee-sanDKsha (Kase Daiki)Read
 I Can't Beat My Sister's SelfishnessShadow Sorceress Communication ProtocolRead
 I Can't Believe It!? Ooaya-senseiG-Panda, Midoh TsukasaRead
 I Can't Control Myself Because Chihaya Is Too CuteReDrop, Miyamoto Smoke, OtsumamiRead
 I Can't Return To Admiral's Side 2Hiten,HitenKei,Read
 I can't stand it, My Teacher is too EroticMogiki hayami,Read
 I Can't Stop My Sex Drive!Henkuma, HBORead
 I Did Not Become A HeroTachibana Yuu, SheepfoldRead
 I don't care if it's an old man or whatever because I'm not popular!SaigadoRead
 I Don't Know The Addressee NameKurokoshi YouRead
 I don't like...being seenMukoujima TenroRead
 I Feel Good My Woman's Body!Okawari,Chapter 8
 I Found Mashu Sleeping In My Room So I Fucked Her SillyHashimoto,Read
 I Gave It My AllNikudango KoubouRead
 I Had a Crush on Onii-chan, and he Stole my Virginity in Front of my FriendNumber2Read
 I Had To Use Force After all7cm,Nase,Read
 I Hate My Perverted Lying Brother!!Kazuwo Daisuke,SMUGGLER,Read
 I Have a Girlfriend, But I'm Cheating On Her When I Had Sex With Tewi-chanIpponguiRead
 I Hold You as I go to SleepAyakawa RikuRead
 I Just Can't Be HonestMizuki MikuniRead
 I Just Can't Say I Love YouGentsukiRead
 I Know, I'll Practice With my Little Sister.TorunekoRead
 I Lend You My RosaryRaTeRead
 I Like Boobs More Than SweetsEnnui,Nokoppa,Read
 I Like My SisterFuyuno mikan,Read
 I Love XXXShindou,Read
 I love you, SenpaiOrz, 3uRead
 I Love You, Sister!Utu,Read
 I May Be Inexperienced, But ...Shirane TaitoRead
 I Met You in the City Where the Flower of Rinne BloomsArisawa TsukasaRead
 I MyArsenalChap5
 I no Naka no Kaeru ChuuhenKinetoscopeRead
 I only have love for youKyuusen UnosukeRead
 I Prefer Meat Over FatMaihara MatsugeRead
 I Ran into Bandits in the Forest and Was CapturedIrotenya,Read
 I Seem To Have Fallen For SenpaiAichi Shiho,Read
 I Sent A Love Letter To A Married WomanMange,Read
 I Sure Love Getting DemotedDoumouRead
 I Tried To Approach Kajou-senpai With My Bare DickUozanoko,Siba,Read
 I Wanna Be Your DogHasebe soutsu,Read
 I wanna kiss, kiss, kiss her!Akai MatoRead
 I Wanna Pound Chie through her SpatsMagic Fortune Hachiojiten-MF8Read
 I Wanna Put Someone Under My Control, Control, Control!Akai Mato,Read
 I Want a Sister Too!Santa Matsuri, Santa FestaRead
 I Want Sturm-dono To Treat My SweetlyEno Yukimi,Hachimitsu Romance,Read
 I Want to be Engulfed in the Darkness of the Tyrant's Eye!REIRead
 I want to be pampered by a girl of generous girthHigashino Mikan,Read