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The vanilla tag refers to manga and doujinshi that do not contain anything out of the ordinary or unusual. The majority of stories will be cute and romantic, involving only one boy and one girl falling in love.
 TitleArtistNew Chap
 12 More CentimetersReDrop,Read
 180% Humid IntimacyHitagiriRead
 1LDKTohgarashi HideyuRead
 2.5 Jigen no Renai JijouYamitsu HiroRead
 2Stroke TY2Stroke, YTS TakanaRead
 3 Angels Short Full PassionAsh YokoshimaChapter 9
 3 Nen B Gumi Pettan Sensei | Class 3B's DFC TeacherTakasaki Takemaru,Read
 3 Piece FutakakeraNanaoRead
 3 Piece HitokakeraNanaoRead
 3 Piece SankakeraNanaoRead
 3 Sweet DevilsMarioRead
 32 Nichime no Black SummerGamenhaji, NojiRead
 32 Year Old Unsatisfied WifeKuroki HidehikoChapter 10-The Wife Next Door
 3ANGELS SHORT Full BlossomAsh Yokoshima, YokoshimanchiChapter 1 - a milk cocoa
 3P HokenshitsuOokami RyousukeRead
 3Piece ~Summer~Nanao,Read
 4 CrossIshigaki Takashi,Read
 501st Joint Fighter Wing Breast Competition-AfterUnknownRead
 8th of August, Clear WeatherErect SawaruRead
 93-Shiki Sanso Gyorai Ignition!Super Zombie,Read
 A Birthday Party All Alone with Chifuyu-neeOtone, coconRead
 A Bonus Carisa-san BookYuzuki N Dash, Lv.XRead
 A Book Where Kumano Does What She Wants to SuzuyaKitao KitaRead
 A Boy And His Three SistersMukoujima TenroRead
 A Bunny PharmacyRyokucha Combo, ChameleonRead
 A Certain Countryside Highschool Girl's MelancholyTorunekoRead
 A Certain Day with Each Other Melty Blood EditionTsurui,Plant,Read
 A Certain Day with HaruChihaAERODOGRead
 A Certain Misaka's Electricity ConsumptionBrain Dead (Eiji)Read
 A certain Night in MarchNectar,Read
 A Cut AboveOkada KouRead
 A Day in the Life of the Theater ClubOoshima Ryou,Chapter 2
 A Day with Nurse Nene-sanImperial ChickenRead
 A defenseless beautiful girl's spontaneous skinshipMomonosuke,Read
 A Gargoyle at the Treasure ChestHoritomoRead
 A Goat Bride!MizoneRead
 A Good Reason for Less FriendsMarutaRead
 A Good Workman Never Blames His ToolsAduma RenRead
 A Great Discovery Regarding GenitalsThomasRead
 A is for AprilKokonoki NaoRead
 A Leisurely ReportKarochiiRead
 A Life of Making Babies With a Princess from Another World!!Sorimura Youji,Misty Isle,Read
 A Little More Assertively...Makinosaka Shinichi,Read
 A Look into Your FantasyAoki Kanji,Read
 A Love Song that Disappears into the WavesAyuya, AYUESTRead
 A Love SupremeTimaRead
 A Lovely Night to Fall in LoveYukimiRead
 A Meal for TwoOotsuka ReikaRead
 A Monster's HospitalityMizone,Read
 A New Older SisterSakai Ringo,Read
 A Night Spent With FurutakaL5ExRead
 A Peaceful AssociationOotsuka ReikaRead
 A princess and her servantYasui RiosukeRead
 A Secret CoupleJunkieRead