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Manga with the schoolgirl tag will include characters that are either in primary or secondary school. Most of the time the story will take place at school or the characters will be wearing their school uniforms. The sailor outfit (セーラー服) is the most common style of uniform worn by female students in Japan, and the majority of manga with this tag will feature it.
 TitleArtistNew Chap
 0 0Hi-PER PINCHRead
 12 More CentimetersReDrop,Read
 18 Year-old SunnehUnknownRead
 2 x 2 = 4Makita AoiRead
 2.5 Jigen no Renai JijouYamitsu HiroRead
 22KAITEN Shishunki PlayKaiten SommelierRead
 3 > 1Uba Yoshiyuki,Read
 3 Piece HitokakeraNanaoRead
 3 Piece SankakeraNanaoRead
 3P HokenshitsuOokami RyousukeRead
 93-Shiki Sanso GyoraiSuper ZombieRead
 A Bonus Carisa-san BookYuzuki N Dash, Lv.XRead
 A Book Where Kumano Does What She Wants to SuzuyaKitao KitaRead
 A Bunny PharmacyRyokucha Combo, ChameleonRead
 A Certain Countryside Highschool Girl's MelancholyTorunekoRead
 A Certain Day with HaruChihaAERODOGRead
 A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation DiaryRed-Rum, Doronuma KyoudaiChapter 6
 A Certain Misaka's Electricity ConsumptionBrain Dead (Eiji)Read
 A certain Night in MarchNectar,Read
 A Certain Wandering Radio NoiseAokihoshi,Flyking,Read
 A Class An Honor Student NeedsSasamori TomoeRead
 A Day in the Life of the Theater ClubOoshima Ryou,Chapter 2
 A Female Lawyer's Rape PrisonA Female Lawyer\'s Rape PrisonRead
 A Figure of HappinessMakioRead
 A Flat Chest is the Key for SuccessSeihoukei,Chapter 10
 A Girl, a Gangster and the Blue NightDobatoChapter 3
 A Great Discovery Regarding GenitalsThomasRead
 A Half Bodied ToyPsycho,Chapter 3
 A High School Teacher R*pes Nene-san from Love Plus!Tukimi Daifuku,Shimekiri Sanpunmae,Chapter 2
 A Kiss to the FutureKyo1Read
 A Large Breasted Honor Student Makes The Big Change to Perverted MasochistLilithlauda,Chapter 8
 A Look into Your FantasyAoki Kanji,Read
 A Night Spent With FurutakaL5ExRead
 A princess and her servantYasui RiosukeRead
 A Relationship of Absolute ControlAkai MatoRead
 A SAO Book Drawn by a Man Driven Insane by Bashing his Head Against a WallBitch Bokujou, Bokujou Nushi KRead
 A School Committee For IndisciplineEight BeatChap3
 A School Committee For Indiscipline ConclusionEight BeatRead
 A school where you can randomly have procreative sexRustle, Aomizuan, Tachibana OminaChapter 3
 A Schoolgirl in HeatSakaki UtamaruRead
 A Sensual Early AfternoonSena YoutarouRead
 A Sore wa Koi to Iu Na noIchinoseRead
 A Story of Their Night TogetherFukuyaRead
 A Straight Line to Love!Kisaragi GunmaChapter 5 - (not eng)
 A Strategic Report of Our Pillow TalkMomoya ChikaRead
 A Study on External NarcissismMarui MaruRead
 A Sudden Evening RainKurokoshi You,Read
 A Summer Afternoon...Kizuki Rei,Read
 A Summer For Just The Two Of Us. ~secret summer~Syou,Read
 A Summer Night's DreamGrace,Yokoyama Naoki,Read
 A Tale About My Little Sister's Exposed BreastsSupe,Nakani,Chapter 2
 A tale where Shimakaze was raped by brutish ** forcesMokusei ZaijuuRead
 A Tank Girl Meets a Man IIGomu,Read
 A Very Hot MiddleSabashi RenyaChapter 9
 A Very Popular Consultation Office for YoukaiSaimonRead