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Paizuri (パイズリ), also known as titty-fucking or a titfuck in the United States, involves the stimulation of the male penis by the female breasts. Commonly, this sex act involves the man placing his penis in the woman's cleavage and thrusting between the breasts while they are squeezed together for stimulation. Frequently combined with oral sex.
 TitleArtistNew Chap
 100 challengeFukuyama Naoto,Read
 12 More CentimetersReDrop,Read
 151-93Itaba HiroshiRead
 2.5 Jigen no Renai JijouYamitsu HiroRead
 21st Century FoxBLACKHEARTRead
 24 Hour Rehabilitation WardKisaragi GunmaRead
 29 Year Old Lusting WifeKuroki HidehikoChapter 9-Not Quite Seduction
 2Stroke TY2Stroke, YTS TakanaRead
 3 Angels Short Full PassionAsh YokoshimaChapter 9
 3 Piece HitokakeraNanaoRead
 3 Piece SankakeraNanaoRead
 32 Year Old Unsatisfied WifeKuroki HidehikoChapter 10-The Wife Next Door
 33 Year Old Unsatisfied WifeKuroki HidehikoChapter 10-Let's Just Do It
 3P HokenshitsuOokami RyousukeRead
 4.5 Tatami Mats x Monogatari -Second MatZ.A.P.,Zucchini,Read
 93-Shiki Sanso Gyorai FULL BURSTSuper Zombie,Read
 A Birthday Party All Alone with Chifuyu-neeOtone, coconRead
 A Boy And His Three SistersMukoujima TenroRead
 A Burger Shop in Your Town?Marui MaruRead
 A Certain County's Night-Time FairytailShuko,Read
 A Certain Sexy Nun's Masturbation Addict ConfessionsKousuke,Read
 A Class An Honor Student NeedsSasamori TomoeRead
 A Figure of HappinessMakioRead
 A FUCKING ONLY DoujinFugodoku,Katou Fuguo,Read
 A Half Bodied ToyPsycho,Chapter 3
 A High Spirited BeatSakurai EnergyRead
 A Little More Assertively...Makinosaka Shinichi,Read
 A Local Civil Servant's JobGoromenz, Yasui RiosukeRead
 A Maid's Unique Way Of Servicing With Orgasm ControlIpuuIpuu,ElAne WorkShop,Read
 A School Committee For Indiscipline ConclusionEight BeatRead
 A Schoolgirl in HeatSakaki UtamaruRead
 A Sensual Christmas Eve - 1st AnniversarySena YoutarouRead
 A single woman's dejectionJitsumaRead
 A Summer Joint Training With Foreign ShipsMilkshake work,Read
 A Tale of the Swordswoman's Sexual DepravitySuihei Sen,Read
 A Tale Where the Aki Sisters Reverse Rape a Young LadMacaroni,CheeseRead
 A Vampire's Act of BloodsuckingZucchiniRead
 A Very Hot MiddleSabashi RenyaChapter 9
 A Virgin's Netorare Rape and DespairMokusei ZaijuuChapter 4 - Aomori edition extended
 A Way to Spend a Boring AfternoonZen9Chapter 9
 A Week of Sex in MidsummerRyomaRead
 A Wife's Lust LifeButagoya, Kemigawa MondoRead
 A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared !Tomomimi ShimonChapter 6
 A Winter Night's StoryB.TarouRead
 A-gou Tokushu Ian Ninmu Senjuu Kuchikukan HamakazeAvion VillageRead
 Aah Aqua-sama!Arui Ryou,MIX-EDGE,Read
 Absolute Authority SistersJyacoChap4
 Absolute Obedience! King Game and Rin-chan Now!Grace,Yokoyama Naoki,Read
 AdaptingGod Ryokutya, Bu-chanRead
 Admired Beautiful FlowerHito no FundoshiChapter 3
 Adventure with Bikini Onee-sanYunioshiRead
 AF - Alternative FamilyEmuaRead
 AffectionKaze no GotokuRead
 After All, I'm in Love With Onii-chanTiramisu Tart, KazuhiroRead