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The group tag is used for manga that include threesomes and beyond. Most often this will include multiple male partners on a single female, but it also includes group situations where multiple couples are performing at the same time and in the same vicinity.
 TitleArtistNew Chap
 100 challengeFukuyama Naoto,Read
 18 Year-old SunnehUnknownRead
 180MSpHigashitotsuka Raisuta,Read
 24 Hour Rehabilitation WardKisaragi GunmaRead
 29 Year Old Lusting WifeKuroki HidehikoChapter 9-Not Quite Seduction
 2ANGELS SUMMER SEX!Ash Yokoshima,Yokoshimanchi,Read
 3 > 1Uba Yoshiyuki,Read
 3 Angels Short Full PassionAsh YokoshimaChapter 9
 3 Piece SankakeraNanaoRead
 3 Pinky DevilsMarioRead
 3 Sweet DevilsMarioRead
 32 Year Old Unsatisfied WifeKuroki HidehikoChapter 10-The Wife Next Door
 3P HokenshitsuOokami RyousukeRead
 4 CrossIshigaki Takashi,Read
 4.5 Tatami Mats x Monogatari -Second MatZ.A.P.,Zucchini,Read
 501st Joint Fighter Wing Breast Competition-AfterUnknownRead
 72 DayYuugai Tosho KikakuChapter 4
 A Boy And His Three SistersMukoujima TenroRead
 A Burger Shop in Your Town?Marui MaruRead
 A Certain County's Night-Time FairytailShuko,Read
 A Certain Doujin Queen Is Way Too LewdArino HiroshiRead
 A Female Lawyer's Rape PrisonA Female Lawyer\'s Rape PrisonRead
 A Female University Student's Mixer EtiquetteMozuya MurasakiRead
 A Full 400cc of LoveShimimaruRead
 A Local Civil Servant's JobGoromenz, Yasui RiosukeRead
 A Sacrifice to the LustbugFan no HitoriRead
 A School Committee For IndisciplineEight BeatChap3
 A School Committee For Indiscipline ConclusionEight BeatRead
 A school where you can randomly have procreative sexRustle, Aomizuan, Tachibana OminaChapter 3
 A Sexy Married Woman & A Female BossOda non,Read
 A Squadron's Day OffLeaz KoubouRead
 A Straight Line to Love!Kisaragi GunmaChapter 5 - (not eng)
 A Study on External NarcissismMarui MaruRead
 A Summer Joint Training With Foreign ShipsMilkshake work,Read
 A Summer LegendYuuki ReiRead
 A tale where Shimakaze was raped by brutish ** forcesMokusei ZaijuuRead
 A Tale Where the Aki Sisters Reverse Rape a Young LadMacaroni,CheeseRead
 A Very Hot MiddleSabashi RenyaChapter 9
 A Very Popular Consultation Office for YoukaiSaimonRead
 A Virgin's Netorare Rape and DespairMokusei ZaijuuChapter 4 - Aomori edition extended
 A Virgin's Netorare Rape and Despair - Saitama Train Molester EditionMokusei ZaijuuRead
 A Virgin's Netorare Rape and Despair - Shizuoka EditionMokusei ZaijuuRead
 A Virgin's Netorare Rape and Despair - Yokohama Flophouse DistrictMokusei ZaijuuRead
 A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared !Tomomimi ShimonChapter 6
 A-ASSHori HiroakiRead
 A-gou Tokushu Ian Ninmu Senjuu Kuchikukan HamakazeAvion VillageRead
 Abakareta JokyoushiTokisanaRead
 Absolute Authority SistersJyacoChap4
 Abstinence ClubMichiking,Chapter 3
 Abyssal Fleet Girls RosterMinarai Honpo, Minamoto Jin, ATTPRead
 Academy Where You Can Have Sex with Hot Schoolgirls Anytime, AnywhereAomizuan,Chapter 5
 AdaptingGod Ryokutya, Bu-chanRead
 Adult Fairy Tail-Aladdin And The Magic LampPirontanRead
 Adult Sex PlayKuroki HidehikoChapter 4
 Adultery FeastFreehand TamashiiRead